Are there services that I cannot self-direct?

No. Your team will make contact with you every month. Your team is still responsible for assuring that your long-term care outcomes are being met
and that you are safe. Your team is available to support you in making the
Self-Directed Supports options successful. You can call on your team to
assist you at any time.

If I choose the Self-Directed Supports option, am I on my  own to handle all of my long-term care services and providers?

Can I Change my mind and go back to using an agency
in the provider network to help me if I decide that
self-direction isn't for me?

Yes. The choice to self-direct is yours to make.

What is a guardian's role in self-direction?

If you have a guardian, they can work with you to hire, direct and dismiss workers if additional help is needed.

No. Participation in Self-Directed Supports is completely voluntary. Your team will give you information to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

Acknowledging your unique value as a person.


Self-Directed Supports will work for you if you are willing to manage your own care and accept responsibility for making your own decisions including accepting the consequences of those decisions. Your team will work with you to the extent you choose, to make sure Self-Directed Supports is working for you. 

Must I participate in the Self-Directed Supports Option?

Will Self-Directed Supports work for me?

Frequently Asked Questions



Yes. Services that are not available for self-direction include: care management, acute and primary care and services provided as part of your living in a group home or adult family home (i.e. meals, transportation)

However, you could self-direct long-term care services that you would otherwise receive through a licensed setting, such as a group home, when living in a non-licensed setting like your own home or apartment. For example, if you decided to live in your own apartment, you could self-direct the identified long-term care supports you need to be successful. Ask your
team for details.